International Consultancy: Countries

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Flag Morocco

  • Team Leader for inception evaluation for the European Commission’s European Neighbor Initiative Project (ENIP) with consultants from the Institute of Higher Judicial Studies of Paris, including field investigation and report on pre-identification of needs appropriate for EU intervention. [Detail]
  • Chief of Party, USAID-Morocco Project to Modernize Commercial Law and the Judiciary [Detail]
  • Director, World Bank-IFC assessment project to institutionalize commercial dispute mediation in Morocco. [Detail]
  • Long Term Consultant on legal and judicial matters, USAID-Morocco Project to Improve the Business Environment.
  • Private consultant to US business concerns in Morocco
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Agadir, Morocco

Flag Lebanon

  • Chief of Party, USAID Project to Strengthen the Judiciary and Citizen Access to Justice in Lebanon [Detail]


  • Project Director, Assessment of Institutionalization of Commercial Dispute Resolution in Morocco [Detail]
  • Director, Study Tour of California ADR Institutions for Moroccan Government and Private Sector Stakeholders [Detail]

Flag Saudi Arabia

  • Program Development and Evaluation Analyst for Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) training department; created and developed computer-assisted training project [Detail]


  • Team Leader for evaluation of the European Commission’s support to Uganda’s Commercial Justice Reform Program. [Detail]


  • European Commission technical assistance for access to justice and legal education in the Gambia [Detail]
  • Team Leader of European Commission project for Technical Assistance For Access to Justice and Legal Education in The Gambia [Detail]

Flag Iraq

  • Team Leader of USAID/Iraq Mid-Term Evaluation of Access to Justice Project for Vulnerable Groups [Detail]


  • Team Leader for EU Funded Program for Legal Empowerment and Aid Delivery (PLEAD) in Kenya [Detail]


  • Primary international expert engaged to revise the Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers in Vietnam applying best international standards [Detail]